Around 10 million people around the world are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. For them life is dramatically different. Even simple everyday things like walking, eating, getting dressed or writing a note can become a struggle. So dancing is probably the last thing to cross a Parkinson’s patient’s mind! But in fact, dancing is a great way to feel strong and free again, if only for a moment. With the “May I have this dance?” campaign, we would like to show that dancing brings back the joy of simply moving. Join us!

On World Parkinson Day on 11 April, none of us are patients, but we are all dancers in the famous Swan Lake ballet. Live on stage, or virtually with the help of a special dance video. We want to dance with as many people as possible, so we need your help!

How can you participate?

Send us your video
Be part of our virtual dance performance on World Parkinson Day and send us a video of your own version of Swan Lake. Ballet master and program maker Andrew Greenwood will take you through the dance movements step by step.

You can practice for the live performance during World Parkinson day on april 11th and for you own video at home. We would like you to dance your own version of Swan Lake, film it and send it to us. All the videos we receive, will be combined into a new video that will be used during the performance on april 11th. That way everyone can be part of the ‘corps de ballet’, even if you are not able to make it on the day itself.

Upload your video until 21 march (up to 1 minute long)  >here<
Open the link. Click on ‘Select file’. Find file you wish to post. Enter your name, surname+residence and email address. Click on ‘upload’. That’s it!
You will receive a confirmation of the upload on the email address you provided.

You can also send your film by email to:

Film specifications:

  • filmed in Full-HD with 720 pixel camera or higher (found on smartphones like an iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S4 or higher, or a good tablet /iPad)

  • adequate lighting: preferably filmed by daylight, and not in the dark

  • filmed in landscape style (so with the screen held horizontally, rather than vertically), preferably against a white cloth or white wall as background.

Made possible by:
Brand Communicatie
Stichting Auspiciën


We will dance to the following music from Swan Lake:

The recordings from a live performance of the Dutch Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Rowe.

We look forward to seeing you shine on 11 April!

May I have this dance?